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Re: Favorite Mirror Universe Episode?

In a Mirror, Darkly definitely.

What clearly sets it apart from the other MU episodes is the fact, that it is totally a mirror episode, from teaser to end credits (youīve got to admire how they even changed the opening credits along with the music to match the rest of the episode(s)). This way we get to see "our heroes" as they are in the other universe, without the posing as bad guys and tiptoeing around of the "real" characters as in Mirror, Mirror (which I still like a lot, nonetheless).
Itīs a straight forward fun story to watch, without any constraints, completely detached from ENTs "real" universe. And though some apparently consider bringing the Defiant back this way as "fanwank", I was really thrilled the first time a saw it ... did NOT see that coming

IAMD may also be an interesting entry for someone wo hasnīt seen any ENT episodes before, since it stands so separate from the rest of the show and also has the ties back to TOS.

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