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Whilst not a TV Movie, Red Dwarf springs to mind it had a new series last year, did well enough in the ratings, it was reasonable well recieved and could get another season.
I haven't seen the new series yet (or the second and third parts of Back to Earth, for that matter), but I doubt the budget of Red Dwarf is more than a fraction of what it would cost to fund even a small Star Trek TV movie.
True, but I was countering the claim that no one is making Ship based Sci-Fi. Now admitetly it's not on the scale of ST or most American Ship based Sci-Fi shows. But it'sa ship based Sci-Fi show non the less.
I never said that no one is making ship-based sci-fi. I said that no one is making ship-based sci-fi TV movies, which was what the OP was asking about.
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