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Re: Why would someone avoid STID but see Iron Man & Man Of Steel? spoi

Believe me. man of steel did well because it has Nolan's name on it. superman returns is clearly the better film but no one cares. I just don't know, but Nolan has this thing on fan boys and I don't mean fan boys as an insult. Any film he does will be a success because he has a mighty fan boy fan base.

If Nolan did not produce MOS, there is no way the film would have been a
success at least not with all the negative reviews it got.

Also for those who say that people don't know the director or producers, I beg to differ. WB clearly had Nolan's name in all the promotions. WB would not have done so if they were not aware of the mighty fan base Nolan has.

Another perfect example is After Earth, Sony did not promote the film as a M. Night Shyamalan film. it was simply listed as a Will Smith film. Clearly, Sony did not feel comfortable with putting Shyamalan's name on the film despite the fact that he was the director.

So yeah...Directors and Producers matter a lot when it comes to a film's success.If Nolan were to direct Trek 3, the film will make at least 800 million -1 billion at the box office. Why? because the Nolan name is a powerful name.

Also does it matter? STiD is the most critical acclaimed blockbuster of the summer. Iron man 3 is behind and Man of Steel is far far behind STiD.

Its about the quality and not the quantity.

STiD, (while a lot of fans including myself did not like the rehash of WOK) STiD, still a great film.

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