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Re: The Challenge of Trek 3

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As many of you already know,society has changed a great deal in the 30 years since The Motion Picture came out.And so has the traditional moviegoer.

Today the average Joe doesn't have the attention span for a movie like that.Us fans love nothing better then an in depth story of great sophistication combined with powerful action scenes.In the reel world (heh) such a movie would be a commercial flop.

There's a reason a flashy, jittercam Trek movie is so successful-because modern audiences have neither the attention span or the IQ required to address a deep plot.Look at Inception; a lot of people hated the movie because they couldn't grasp the plot,to say nothing of the deeper philosophical themes.

The dilemma the next creative team for Trek has is making a movie as smart as Inception was,without alienating a mass audience.Its no small challenge;the highest grossing movies in recent history like Avatar and Titanic have simplistic stories,thin characters,and more plot holes then ST First Contact.

I suppose the real question is if its even possible to make such a movie?
I think you are making a lot of assumptions, but I don't think everything you've assumed is completely untrue.

As for Star Trek 3, which I understand to be the 3rd movie of the rebooted group (after all, the first reboot movie as just entitled Star Trek, not Star Trek XI), I think they should try to make something that is an original story to this timeline that deals with these characters in a thoughtful and adult way.

It looks like there is a discussion to be had here if people want to participate, but that's just what I see.

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Admiral Buzzkill wrote:

''I think you're going to need to post some evidence that the folks who comprise "modern audiences" have more limited IQs than you do before any of this can be taken seriously.''

What better place to start than the weekly top-grossing US films for any given week since, say, 1990? You'll find SOME quality and a lot of something else...
I think you'll find that's been pretty much constant throughout the history of film or any creative art.
"Ninety percent of everything is garbage." - Theodore Sturgeon (1956)
And that's 100% opinion.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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