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Re: Do turbolifts have any sense?

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There was apparently also turbo lift failure below Deck 3 in "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield", forcing Lokai & Bele to make their way down to Deck 5 (at least) by using (unseen) stairways.

I have to concur with Timo. A call to battlestations should restrict the use of turbo lifts to specialists that need longer ways to travel. Probably the crew quarters are arranged in such a fashion that people can reach their duty stations within the minute.

And during the call to abandon the ship it would also seem wise that all crew members know how to get to their designated evacuation transporters without the need of turbo lifts. After all, these might be among the first things to fail during an emergency.

Thanks for that. Still, it would put turbolift failures well below the level of the transporter, or even shields. Probably a less than minimal risk in the eyes of Starfleet.

Red Alert probably does have a "pecking-order" for use of turbolifts, something that would be similar even if they used elevators and ladders. Captain and Main bridge officers, Engineering staff, Tactical/Security, Medical probably being the priority. Then there would be formation of Damage-Control parties at various locations, something probably most crew are trained for.

Maybe there are various damage-control points, where crew not required elsewhere are ordered to assemble at the closest one to their current location, rather than take up valuable time traveling from one end of the ship to the other.

In the case of evacuation, they would definately need to have routes that not only avoided turbolifts, but also provided several alternatives in case of hull breaches, decompression, fires etc. Generations shows us just such an example, where Geordi is forced to use the Jefferies Tubes to make his way to the saucer section. In First Contact, the entire remaining crew are able to evacuate the Enterprise without having to fight their way through Borg-controlled decks.
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