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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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Where do people think STID will top out at with the US gross.
$230 million?

I'm thinking the final figure is gonna be $455 to $460 million.

There's no justice when you see that Man of Steel is already at $400 million worldwide. Mind you, at least us Trekkies can console ourselves with the fact that we have the best critically rated summer movie (so far).
Star Trek is a 50 year old cult TV show associated with 'nerds, geeks and people living in moms basement' now morphed into a big-budget hollywood blockbuster. IM and MoS are movies tailor-made for mass audience with zero baggage! No need to console myself, yes I was disappointed it didn't do Iron Man business but I now realise it never can! So will Paramount. Too many people put off by stereotypes, stigmas & baggage. They assume they wont like it or they don't want to like it or be associated with it. ETC
This. Exactly.

I've been following this thread since the beginning and see everyone asking why it wasn't as successful domestically as we would liked to have seen. The above is the answer.

I'm an engineer. I work with other engineers. We are all smart guys. 25% of us like Star Trek and have gone to see the film. The other 75% don't and haven't but have gone to see MoS and IM3.

This franchise has BAGGAGE. And a lot of it. And stigma. And a lot of that. I'm scared to tell people I'm a fan due to fear of losing my Man Card. That's the way its is. Regardless of whether you like JJ Trek or not, he made two good movies. If these movies weren't damn good and critically acclaimed, do you really think the box office would have even been close to what has been achieved? Hell no because Star Trek doesn't sell well to mainstream audiences. An excellent movie that can be enjoyed by anyone does. That's what these guys have done and I applaud them for it.
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