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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x22 "Shades of Gray"

This episode doesn't deserve all the hate. It's no way the worst episode of TNG (have you guys not seen "Code Of Honour" or "Justice"!?!). American TV series always seem to do clip shows e.g. A-Team, Frasier, Friends, Simpsons - seems like an accepted part of the medium over there.

As clip shows goes, at least this doesn't go the predictable, boring route of "oh, character X might be leaving, remember all the good times we had together...". There's a sci-fi-ish nature to the reasoning behind it.

We get some nice Riker/Troi bits and Pulaski is always good mileage.

Nobody is going to argue that SoG deserves a spot in anyone's top 10 or anything, but it's nowhere near a "travesty" as many would have us believe...
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