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Re: Heather Locklear: Babe of the Week #26 (June 2013)


I could have sworn that this was a competition at one point where the babes of the week were forced to fight each other until one as declared babe of the year after the votes were tallied.

Thumbs up = Yes, she is very beautiful.

Thumb sideways = I don't care.

Thumbs down = So damn ugly.

How exactly is asking the people that do not appreciate the beauty of these woman to stand up and become accounted about how foul and repulsive they find these persons? That's applauding hate, and giving a platform for the unhinged to rally.

Wouldn't it be fair and balanced to put some actually physically ugly women on the slate and see if by some miracle, board posters find them attractive, rather than posting pictures of the most beautiful celebrities on the planet until some insane whack job finds a chink in their limitless perfection and screams boil!

Now you're thinking "how dare He! There's no such thing as an unattractive woman!" First of all Bullshit, and second if there's no such thing as an unattractive woman then what's the dang Thumbs down option in the poll is for? Seriously anyone who has ever voted thumbs down, or even thumbs sideways for any of the babes of the week ever is A delusional and B a fucking liar.

Heather is very beautiful, but she's also going to a lot of effort to cultivate an illusion that she's still in her thirties... Have you seen Sunset Boulevard?

Youth sucks.

Faking youth sucks worse.

Let Heather be an old lady!

I heard Joan Rivers Talking on Louie "I was the oldest actress in Hollywood, I was the damn Queen of Old, if they needed an Old lady, they came to me and they lined up around the block to get me, I was made. Then that bitch Betty White came out of retirement and I was fucked! She's 92! How the fuck am I supposed to compete with 92!? Suddenly I'm a nobody again."

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