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Re: Blu-Ray vs DVD

BillJ wrote: View Post
The Blu-ray's are going to look a ton better than the DVD's, even at 480i. The DVD's are some of the worst transfers of a TV series I've ever seen. They were transferred straight from video-tape and it shows.
Yes, I hadn't considered that.

SpHeRe31459 wrote: View Post
You clearly have no idea how a video transmission system works.
Why, thank you.

In digital video there is no such thing as "a line being off", etc.
I might be wrong because projection TVs work differently than LCD ones. But have you ever used the latter at a resolution lower than its native one, say on a computer ? Horrible, horrible graphics. Without upscale, my SD tv signal looks awful on my HDTV.

But you're right. I might be talking out of my ass about higher resolutions.
And that's my opinion.
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