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Re: Richard Matheson: RIP to a real legend

He is legend, indeed. A quiet legend, but still a legend. It's mind-boggling to think of the extent of his work and the influence he had on many generations of readers and fellow writers.

When I was a young man in the early 80s, I read an interview with him in Twilight Zone magazine, in which he talked about The Night Killers, his third Kolchak script, which went unproduced in favor of the TV series. I wrote him a letter, asking if he had a copy of that script that I could buy, since I was such a huge Kolchak fan (heh-- I was about twenty, so perhaps a bit naive). Of course, he didn't, but he sent me back a very nice letter telling me so and explaining why, which I thought was great of him.

Years later, a hardcover collection of all three of his Kolchak scripts came out, which I bought-- when it came, it was autographed, which I hadn't even expected.

RIP, Mr Matheson. The world would not be the same without you.
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