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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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But we've seen colonist dwellings like in "The Deadly Years" which suggest rather spartanic living conditions / expectations, IMHO.
And also in Mudd´s Women. But I hope we can agree, that this is only due to budget contraints on the show ... ?

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Regarding "cabin 341" we never saw the other half of the cabin or its possible (and conjectural) extension, just Garrovick's bed in the part of the set where Captain Kirk usually has his desk.
The wardrobe cylinder definitely has two compartments, therefore two crewmen would have one individual compartment each.

And I'm also unable to see the need of a desk and computer in every two bed cabin for the crew. During work shifts or during sleeping time, this area will never be used and thus would constitute a waste of precious space.
True. But not all 1-person-cabins would have to be as big as those of the senior officers. Garrovick´s could really be just the "half" we see, with an unseen bathroom to complete it.

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
At the end of the day, and assuming Kirk is correct with his "430" people statement, these have to be accomodated according to the space that's left on the Enterprise. I'm already curious myself how this turns out.
That of course remains to be seen, so far one can only speculate. Still, I already wanted to convey my thoughts on the matter.

I have also put some more thought into the 22 person transporter. You said, that accoording to TMoST it involves some risk when used. Before I thought, this might be a good explanation as to why we never got to see it. But now I´m really having problems with that and for these reasons:

1) Why would a 22 person transporter be less safe than a 6 person one? You / TMoST hinted at pattern loss. So maybe there´s not enough memory space or similar problems. If this is the case then:

2) Would Starfleet really implement such a system into its starships that potentially endangers the crew? Why not size it down to the point, where they´re safe again? Why not rather use two (safe) 12 person units than one (unsafe) 22 person one? Or stick with the (proven) 6 person transporter, just in larger numbers.

3) The only time when you´d actually be using these emergency transporters would be ... well, during an emergency. Meaning during a catastrophic event, with possibly chaotic conditions aboard. So the crew will be under a lot of stress, even anxiety or mild panic might be present - training and simulations can´t prepare them for everything. And in this situation, would you really ask the crew to step into this big transporter, that they have a) never used before and that is b) potentially dangerous, thus heightening their anxiety/panic? Or would you not rather have them use a facility that they´re familiar with and know is safe?

Interested in your thoughts.

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