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Re: Will the Dominion be a complete non-factor in the JJ-Verse?

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According to the most resent movie, Starfleet has yet to go on any five years missions.
Which is odd, I think. First off, the NX-01 went on a 2 year mission a hundred years back. I'd think they'd have managed to do 5 by now. Second, Cardassians are mentioned in the first movie, which is odd, to say the least. You get the impression that they traveled further by 2255 than in the Prime timeline.
Actually, in the prime timeline, Tobin Dax was said to have met a certain Cardassian poet on Vulcan, which means we can assume the Federation had made contact with Cardassians (and the Trill, for that matter), by his lifetime (late 22nd/early 23rd century).

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According to the most resent movie, Starfleet has yet to go on any five years missions. So the area explored by the federation in the alternate universe might be much smaller than in the prime universe at the same time period. In the mid 24th century of the prime universe, Bajor (with it's wormhole) was at the extreme edge of explored space, "the frontier."

It might take the federation until the 25th century or later to encounter the Dominion.

(Oh and spoiler alert)

But JJships are faster than TOS ships, so the space explored could be more

And i think JJships don't need a wormhole to go to gamma quadrant
Well, they probably do, considering even the 24th century technology they were adapted from couldn't go that far that fast, but I was actually thinking about this:

Now having the Bajoran wormhole get discovered over a century earlier than in the prime timeline opens up a whole can of worms about the Prophets and Sisko supposedly being destined to discover it.

On the other hand, we know that BARZAN wormhole goes to the Gamma Quadrant (some of the time, anyway), so if you needed a plot device to allow the Abrams crew to run into some Jem'Hadar, that could work.

That being said, I don't really expect them to do anything with the Dominion, who were really only confined to DS9.

Sidenote; the Barzan wormhole could also work if you wanted to send them in the Delta Quadrant and have them run into the BORG instead! We already know they work well on the big screen and Kirk happens to be the only captain who's never run into them at some point. Hey, you never know...

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I think that the Nerada Incident has had a knock-on effect on all the Alpha-Quadrant races.
Not to be slow, but I have to admit to you that I've never come across the expression "knock-on effect." What does it mean please?
Sorry, knock-on means that it has a ripple effect.

Race A encounters Race B, and has to construct technologies to allow it to compete with them militarily. Race C sees this build-up and although not directly involved thinks "Oh crap, we better do that too!" and changes their own design/construction philosophies accordingly.

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It would be an arms-race, and no doubt they may have attempted to keep up. IIRC
Not necessarily, the Klingon like their ships lean and fast. The need to oversize wouldn't be automatic.

Ah, but alongside the Birds of Prey, the Klingons also have the D7 (their equivalent of the Constitution/Miranda), and there is a theory that the refitted K'tinga-class from TMP was a direct result of Klingon spies learning of the proposed refits of the Constitution class. Another theory of course is that the Constitution refit was Starfleet's response to the K'tinga!

Alongside this, they have the Vorchas (Excelsior/Ambassador equivalent perhaps?) and the huge Neg'var-class, which appears to be almost a direct Klingon answer to the Galaxy-Class and Romulan D'deridex-class warbird.
Actually, the Vor'cha appears to be a contemporary of the Galaxy class.

Romulan ship lineage is a bit harder to figure out, since there's basically a hundred year gap between the OS-era Bird-of-Prey and the TNG-era Warbird. Since the movies never featured them in any significant capacity, can only speculate about the look, size, or strength of any late 23rd / early 24th century Romulan ships.

(Actually I thought the BOP we saw on "Enterprise" would've been a perfect transition between the BOP and the Warbird. The problem was it was about 150 years too soon).

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It works better if you compare civilian vs military, since Narada was a civilian ship. Would an oil rig from today thrown back to 1913 be able to take down any contemporary naval vessels? Even do any significant damage?
But this still doesn't quite fit, as the on-screen evidence shows that, despite the Narada being a mere mining vessel, for whatever reason, she was armed to the teeth, with military-grade firepower.

The analogy would be "What if you outfitted a modern rig with Harpoon Missile launchers and sent it back to 1913?"

We really have to wonder WHY the Romulans felt it was necessary to arm the ship with what appears to be weaponry even more formidable than a Warbird?

In a strange twist, it could in fact be that Dominion attacks on the Romulan industrial base forced them to arm mining vessels out of all proportion for protection.

Then, the Narada going back in time, changes starship developement, meaning that when the Dominion actually do turn up on the scene, they may be less of a threat due to these very technological advances!
I never questioned the premise of pretty much any ship owned and operated by a race as militaristic as the Romulans being armed to the teeth. (It's also possible Nero picked up some weapon upgrades for the Narada before going after Spock).
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