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Re: Babylon 5 20th Anniversary: Visual Celebration Book!

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Yes...based on very little, indeed. What's that old saying? Give me a old friend of JMS' is famous for it...Ah! Got it! "You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion."
Exactly the point I’m making, cheers. The author of that piece in the book wasn’t informed, and is in fact presenting the reader with gobbledygook. Misrepresenting the intentions of the designer, and not providing facts to the reader as is claimed. The only reason why I know that is because I am informed on that particular subject, having spoken with the designer, at length.

As I said, I’m certain it makes for one very impressive (and high quality) collection of photo’s and some sketches. But as far as containing first hand information from the artists involved – well, seen one page and it’s full of nonsense. Maybe I was unlucky, and that’s the only page with that issue.

Either way, it’s no biggy as this isn’t a retail outlet for Publishing 180. Just a discussion forum were a book is being discussed.
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