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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

The Jensen Project - DVD
Risky Business - free admission
Screwballs - free admission
Stay Tuned - free admission
12 Angry Men - DVD
Fast & Furious 6 - free admission
Now You See Me - free admission
After Earth - free admission
The Last Unicorn - blu ray
The Internship - free admission
The Purge - free admission
The Deadly Spawn - free admission
Before Midnight - free admission
Wargames - free admission
Man of Steel 2D/3D - employee screening/free admission
Les Miserables (1998) - DVD
Letters from Iwo Jima - DVD
Sexy Beast - DVD
Jaws 3-D - free admission
King Arthur: Extended Unrated Director's Cut - DVD
Joysticks - free admission
The Keep - free admission
Mortuary - free admission

Went over to the Ritz earlier tonight for Terror Tuesday and its last Summer of '83 film, Mortuary, featurin' a crazy young Bill Paxton.

The host introductin' the movie mentioned how it was marketed as a zombie movie, but really its a slasher. And he was right - found the trailer on YouTube, and the poster for it on IMDB seem to make it look like its all about zombies.

The movie itself is about a young college girl with massive mood swings bein' stalked by a creeper while her widowed mother holds seances with the local mortician. And it has Bill Paxton.

Harvey wrote: View Post
Good lord, The Keep is awful. No wonder it still isn't on home video -- I doubt even Michael Mann completists think it is worth the effort.
Not to say its a good movie, bu it wasn't completely unbearable...the write up on the website said the original cut was over two hours. Maybe a restored version would be worth checkin' out.

I'm just impressed that they flew the copy we watched over from a film archive in England.

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
... Unless you count Leviathan, since its US release was 2013. Leviathan is amazing.
The fishin' boat documentary? I wanted to see that, and Drafthouse ran the trailer for awhile, but they only had one showin' on a Saturday afternoon, so I missed out.
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