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Re: Ziyal - good addition or better left out?

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I've just thought of something else... I reckon Dukat got that attached to her not just because of her being symbolic of his whole Bajor obsession (good point, Royal Family), but because she is actually willing to believe he's perfect; she wants and needs to believe that. Being such an essentially narcissist individual as Dukat is, that kind of adoration on a daily basis would certainly go down like honeyed wine...
For me, I think it was a subtle part of Dukat's personality that the writers did which was really good. Basically, Dukat is NOT a sociopath--but he's done ungodly amounts of sociopathic actions. In a weird way, Dukat is the guy from Duet except he's unwilling to admit what he's done.

He desperately wants to justify the unjustifiable.

Ziyal is a way of him redeeming himself for supervising the murder of 7 million people.
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