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(2) After seeing several close ups of Spock and Uhura pushing and manipulating buttons at their respective stations, my son wants to know how they know what buttons to push without any letters, labeling, etc. Did the actors actually have a system/routine that they followed, or did they just random push buttons in the scenes?
From a sound editor's standpoint it would make sense to have some sort of system so that pushing a certain button would correspond to a certain sound effect. Audio cues are subtle, but incredibly important when it comes to telling the audience what's going on and I wouldn't be surprised if at the very least there was some sort agreement between the actors and sound effects techs as to when to push at least a few key buttons so that there could be some degree of continuity. Otherwise, the sound editor would be reinventing the wheel for every episode. Just a guess on my part...I'd be very interested in hearing from those who have first hand knowledge.
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