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Re: Are any of the old guard about?

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You missed the lengthy and ongoing discussion about the actual size of the JJprise, whether or not it's about refit size or if it's bigger than the Enterprise-E.

There was also a spirited discussion about the appearance of the Klingons this time around, their ridges (and piercings), and whether or not there are different sub-species of Klingons floating about. It led into a broader discussion on the actual definition of "race" vs "ethnic group" vs "nationality", which muddied the waters quite nicely.

And of course, pink vs red Klingon blood re: TUC just made its annual appearance a couple weeks back.

Those are the ones I can most recently recall. Pretty much the usual stuff...
I knew I should've asked the ticket-taker. Oh, usher? I have seen this picture after all.

I'll pop back in 'round 2018, all, be well.
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