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Re: GPS tries to kill Massachusetts woman

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The article is a little unclear. Was it instructing her to cross the tracks and for some reason her car got stuck? There are plenty of railroad crossings that don't have the arms that come down, but it doesn't look like a proper crossing from the pictures. If it was a rural area it could be more difficult to tell, possibly.

She doesn't sound like a complete idiot. I mean, she realized her mistake, realized she was stuck, and got out of there with her kids. Making a mistake doesn't mean she deserves to die.
I'm with you on this. The article is unclear about a few things. Just because she followed the GPS's directions doesn't mean she's an idiot. The fact that she was using GPS at all suggests that she was unfamiliar with the area; how was she supposed to know that she was going to be crossing an uncrossable railroad track?

People calling her an idiot are acting like they've never made a wrong turn before. At least she had the sense to get everybody out of the car.
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