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Re: dr who season 7 review

Asylum of the Daleks: I found it entertaining. However once again the Daleks are rendered comically ineffective. Way better than Moffat's first go with the Daleks. Rating B+

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: Hello Arthur Weasley, I didn't know Rory was also your son. Episode was meh. Name drop the Silurians but don't show them. Rating C

A Town Called Mercy - Ok so subtle homages to Firefly, and Star Trek's borg. Anything else worth noting? I felt this is when Amy and Rory started to become irrelevant companions and were just tag alongs because they were obligated to be featured in the episodes. Rating C

The Power of Three: Who cares. Highlight of this episode was seeing the Brigadier's daughter. Matt Smith's era of Who is plagued with last minute dash solutions towards the end of episodes. Rating C-

The Angels Take Manhattan - Tragic sendoff to the Ponds but I throughly enjoyed this one. Although why doesn't the Doctor just go back in time and rescue Amy and Rory? Yes New York could never survive another paradox but is it too much a stretch for them to cross the bridge into New Jersey? Rating A

The Snowmen - Did the snowmen actually play a significant role in this episode? I liked the doctor's adventure with Clara and his 18th century friends however. Rating A

The Bells of St. John - Another rushed ending but a breath of fresh air compared to the drek of the first half of season 7. Rating B+

The Rings of Akhaten: I'll have another thank you. I feel Matt Smith has amazing potenial as the Doctor but he's stifled by writing. The man is an actor people. Allow him some liberty to create a character. It's why I think season 6 works amazingly and season 5 is just season 1 on repeat. Rating B

Cold War: *SSSSSsssssSSSS I love the Ice Warriors Rating A+

Hide: A nice subtle mystery. The monster love story angle and Rose Tyler 10 comparisons I could've done without. Rating B-

Journey to the Center of the TARDIS: Enjoyed it. Rating A

The Crimson Horror: Oh Dame Diana Rigg/ Tracy Bond/ Emma Peel/ Olenna Redwyne; I was expecting more. Rating C

Nightmare in Silver: I see Cybermen have subscribed the the abridged form of assimilation and constant adaptation. Badass. I kept expecting them to say "we will add our biological and technological distinctiveness to our own" line all throughout the episode. I lament that Trek is no longer on TV to give classic villains like the Borg a 21st century makeover like Dr. Who is doing with it's classic villains. Rating A+

The Name of The Doctor: I liked how Clara's impossibleness is explained. Although it does sort of create a paradox her supposed insertion to all points in the Doctor's life. But oh well Doctor Who has never taken it's time travel mechanics and repercussions 100% seriously. I await with eager expectation to find out who John Hurt is though.
Rating A
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