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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

I was insinuating that he still dresses like that today, but then old people always dress as if their favourite era was still prime.

Maybe he wore black nail polish once, but you never really ever get rid of all of it.

I looked through 3 pages of Neil on Google, and he's wearing wall to wall black.

Meanwhile we may not have the same definition of "wanker" since to me it really means "head up your ass" rather than "asshole". Most poets are wankers, but most poets are also godawful wannabe writers. Neil because of his early success is in a Child Emperor's world bubble of his own, just like George Lucas, where no one will say a bad word about him or his work as being anything else other than magnificent genius.

That being said, Sandman is a fabulous comic.
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