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Re: What is your least favourite TNG film

The trouble with all four of the TNG movies is they came out of Rick Berman's patented Script-o-Matic™. They hit the same beats and almost no thought seems to have gone into making them genuinely different to each other (First Contact probably comes closest). They're generically bland. There's no life in them, no soul. Not for nothing was somebody able to come up with the Star Trek TNG Movie Plot Generator (

You know, the Original Trek movies all at least felt unique, they felt like somebody had sat down and said "Okay, in this movie we're going to do X and move Y and make sure that Z happens". The TNG movies all feel like they had a format which they stuck to unwaveringly through all four instlaments. Rick Berman applied television production logic to the movie screen (you gotta churn out those sausages in time for the release date, no time to stop and think, just get them on that production line and start working on the next one!), whereas the TOS movie people seemed to approach each movie as a new challenge that was designed to push the franchise a little further. The TNG movies lacked ambition of any kind. They were simply a 'product'.
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