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Re: Babylon 5 20th Anniversary: Visual Celebration Book!

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But he's never indicated that WB has been anything but honorable toward him.
What!? Hardly. Quickly picking one at random - there’s the “emotional blackmail” jms refers to for instance. Which isn’t really related to the point I was making about publishing 180 using the sketches from artists without telling/paying them, then adding nonsense beneath them as a description. Even though part of the advertising blurb makes a point of stating “We made sure that the captions layer facts upon facts.” .

Part of a jms comment.
To which WB responded that they don't pay people for the honor to be involved in these DVDs. But he's getting paid, the guy who did the artwork is getting paid, the only person who's not getting paid is the guy who made it. So I declined. They replied with ominous words suggesting that it would be bad if I let the fans down...but I don't bow down for emotional blackmail.

The phrase “the only person who's not getting paid is the guy who made it”, is more relevant to the point I was making, or at least one of them.

Pretty cool they’ve extended the discount period, and the new 'Stump The Author' stuff sounds, lovely. Based on what little I’ve read though, the 'Name That Image' thing sounds more like a call for help. ; )
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