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I didn't say you couldn't. I said you won't get the extra definition from it, and you'll probably even get a worse definition than what you'd get from DVD, in the case of BluRay.
It won't be any worse, it will just play at the TV's definition. My parents have a bluray player connected to an almost twenty year-old CRT (4:3 too) and they play just fine. If anything the bluray still tends to look better. Using TNG as an example, you have the much (MUCH) improved colors still, and the higher-quality compositing. That all still shows up in SD.
Yep. Starting with a higher quality source is always a good thing.

For example: one of the easiest forms of anti-aliasing for 3D gaming is to render at a higher resolution in an off screen buffer and then output the results at the targeted lower resolution, it creates more data points to then be downsampled into a nicer looking output than compared to the same information rendered natively at that lower resolution. This is a basic rule of digital image data, still or moving images.
I too am using my Blu-Ray on a standard def TV. The visual quality improvements over the DVDs in the case of TNG are still very evident even though obviously I'm not getting an output in full HD splendor. I'm probably gonna get an HD TV at some point, but I don't need it at the moment until my current one blows itself to bits.
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