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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

I am, and will continue to be, a person who waits for the entire story in final form before I view it.

I know that there were issues that did harm to what was a very promising story, and one that I have been looking forward to watching. Still, I'm confident that many of those issues will be resolved in the final edit.

The issues about the filming and editing might prevent having this episode from turning into a swan, as Blood and Fire Parts 1 and 2 did. But I still recall all the negativity about B&F before the final final was released. I waited, and saw what I still think is the second best Phase II story ever, after only WEAT. Others who have discovered Phase II after the final was released have held opinions like my own.

I suspect that the final Kitumba will not be as good as it might have been if not for all the issues, but it will be better than many expect.
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