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Re: Will the Dominion be a complete non-factor in the JJ-Verse?

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It works better if you compare civilian vs military, since Narada was a civilian ship. Would an oil rig from today thrown back to 1913 be able to take down any contemporary naval vessels? Even do any significant damage?
But this still doesn't quite fit, as the on-screen evidence shows that, despite the Narada being a mere mining vessel, for whatever reason, she was armed to the teeth, with military-grade firepower.

The analogy would be "What if you outfitted a modern rig with Harpoon Missile launchers and sent it back to 1913?"

We really have to wonder WHY the Romulans felt it was necessary to arm the ship with what appears to be weaponry even more formidable than a Warbird?

In a strange twist, it could in fact be that Dominion attacks on the Romulan industrial base forced them to arm mining vessels out of all proportion for protection.

Then, the Narada going back in time, changes starship developement, meaning that when the Dominion actually do turn up on the scene, they may be less of a threat due to these very technological advances!
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