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Re: Does Star Fleet not run psychiatric examinations on its recruits?

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A better example is on DS9. In S4 Sisko chews Worf out over attempting to kill Kurn, which again is allowed under Klingon ritual. But then in S7, Sisko drops hints about challenging Gowron, which Worf does, kills him, and presumably Sisko is cool with that.
Different stakes. Also recall that the Sisko asking Worf to get rid of Gowron was a post-ITPML Sisko who had already dirtied his own hands. To get on Worf's case about legitimately challenging and killing Gowron wouldn't have been fair. Sisko also knew Worf a lot better by the time the seventh season rolled around. When he tried to kill Kurn, they hadn't worked together that long.

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