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Re: creepy encounters with cashiers

^ Yep. My local CVS does it too. You can tell the pharmacy techs and cashiers feel awkward about it sometimes when dealing with a new customer, but they're always polite anyway.

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I must say, I am happy I do not live around some of you folks. Respect and manners should be the first option, yet I see that is not true with many posters. If I met you IRL, I would offer you respect and treat you with good manners... whether I receive the same is up to you.
So, just to clarify, your idea of respect and manners is to say you wouldn't want to live around us, tell us we lack respect and manners, completely ignore what we actually said, then post a gross misrepresentation of what we allegedly said that's clearly based off the preconceptions you had built up in your head rather than anything mentioned in the thread?

If that's your idea of respect and manners then you're right, I'm glad we don't have it, because it's incredibly rude, dismissive, and condescending. It's about in line with Carcazoid's definition and display of "manners" back on the first page.

If I met you IRL, I would offer you respect and treat you with good manners... whether I receive the same is up to you.
What on Earth were you reading instead of our posts that gave you the impression that anyone was disagreeing with this? I said a variation on the bolded part myself three times, and others said the same as well. It's not like I was exactly being subtle with my point, since I kept repeating it like a mantra:

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Just because someone has lived longer than someone else doesn't make them a better person or more worthy of the respect you should give equally to everyone.

I do enjoy the opportunity to learn from those older than myself, because they have generally experienced more. There are also plenty of young people who have lived fascinating lives and experienced some amazing things, so their input is not lesser by default. It depends on the person.
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Lived longer; yes. Experienced much more; usually, but not always. There are thirty year olds who have lived more harrowing, dramatic, fulfilling, varied, successful, traumatic, romantic, well-traveled lives than some seventy year olds. It depends on the person, and you have little or no way of knowing what their lives have been on introduction to a stranger alone. So again, you're essentially asking someone for additional respect simply by having lived longer, not by the content of your character.

Maybe if people didn't just automatically assume that that flow of wisdom should only go one way because older people are better by default they'd learn a thing or two from (some) younger people about tolerance for others, and we'd hopefully live in a better world. Now, that's not a blanket statement either way. There are young people who are rigid and intolerant, and old people who are open minded and tolerant. Again, it depends on the person, which is why you shouldn't assume.

You should listen to and respect anyone in equal measure until they give you a reason to do otherwise.
So, maybe you should take another run at this one, and actually listen to what people are saying this time instead of just making assumptions, which I think I might have mentioned before as well.
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