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Re: I thought they said the JJ-comics were canon?

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Some of you might remember that the show was cancelled in 1990 following a season-ending cliffhanger in which some of the characters had been poisoned by bacteria created by a group of human purists, headed by a woman named Darlene Bryant, for the purpose of eradicating the alien Newcomers.

Four years later, Fox decided to produce a TV movie resolving the cliffhanger. Unfortunately four years had passed and the characters all looked older, particularly Lauren Woodland, who played the lead alien's daughter Emily.
What did the fans make of the fact that two of the TV movie scripts were novelized over a year before the movies were produced? Both Dark Horizon (by K.W. Jeter) and Body and Soul (by Peter David) were novelized in 1993; the films were not aired until 1994 & 1995, respectively.
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