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Re: Stephen King's Under the Dome - TV Series Discussion Thread

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People that do that piss me off. It's a TV and a book, they will always be different.

You guys are just gonna have to put me on your ignore lists then...
I think talking about the plot of the novel in the thead is fine, but it should be put under a spoiler box.

We still don't know how closely the show will be following the novel.
Well so far they've taken severe left turns away from huge chunks of the book, and it's only been one episode. They've stuck to some major plot points, though. The outsider (Barbie) is one of the focal points of the story, Big Jim is already scheming, and a major part of the scheme is propane, and the Sheriff gets dusted by his pacemaker going blooie.

I'm not expecting them to abandon the original story entirely, but I knew they'd change things going in, and I (desperately) want them to change the ending.
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