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Re: dr who season 7 review

Wow you guys really liked season 7? I honestly thought this whole season was the worst season of any series ive watched.

Asylum of the Daleks: was ok

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: god awlful and waste of time

A Town Called Mercy: Snorefest

The Power of Three: Rushed ending that sucked anyway

The Angels Take Manhattan: Worst way to get rid of Amy an Rory. Really you guys on here could come up with a better story.

The Snowmen: Was too silly and Doctor could of saved her. Still good.

The Bells of St. John: rolled my eyes stupid

The Rings of Akhaten: Someone should of been fired after this one.

Cold War: ok but ending was weak

Hide: Another waste

Journey to the Center of the TARDIS: What could of been but wasn't.

The Crimson Horror: Weak weak

Nightmare in Silver: Really liked

The Name of The Doctor: Ending was good, rest just like the rest of the season, just filler and rushed endings. Nothing you look back on and say wow that was great.

Ive loved every season up till now and really enjoyed the old show that ive watched. But this show is stale and needs new writers.
That awkward moment when your killed by you wife, in front of your wife, who then precedes to kill your wife, while your best friend is off to the side pregnant with your wife. Doctor Who!
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