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Re: Star Trek spinoff movies

They have to appeal to the target demographic of today and this might result in something different to the formula we got 50 years ago and 25 years ago. It can't be the same forever or else you end up with something that appeals to us old-timers but is a total turnoff to the teens & twentysomethings. We have to accept that it will change because if it doesn't it dies. Adapt to survive etc.

We can't just rely on the 1966 formula forever or else you eventually end up far too dated. What is needed is a producer able to find the sweet spot between old-Trek and nu-Trek that appeals to everyone, a producer that will take risks. JJ Abrams has done this but I don't think his concept would hold up as a TV show. It is essentially the 1966 Trek with the cracks papered over with flashy visual FX and action set pieces.

Future Trek needs to reboot again to take into account decades of technological progress in computing, robotics, electronics, internet/networking, medicine etc
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