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Re: ENT: A Choice of Futures by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!

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The winners in WWI handled their victory poorly, mistreating their foes and exacerbating the problems that had caused the war, and thus made WWII and the Mideast conflict inevitable.

World War I happened not because Gavrilo Princip shot Franz Ferdinand, but because Europe had developed weapons of mass destruction, yet still had medieval attitudes about war as a thing in itself. They formed a complex web of secret alliances intended not to preserve peace, but to ensure victory. Had Princip not shot the Archduke, something else would have almost certainly set Europe off, and continuing to allow tensions to build up would have only made war that much bloodier, and that much more inevitable.

At the end of World War I, there was more than enough blame to go around, for everybody involved to get a nice generous slice. President Wilson knew that; it was the basis of his Fourteen Points. The French and the Slavs didn't want justice; they wanted vengeance.

Prior to World War I, Germany was the nation of Bach, Beethoven, Schiller, Goethe, Einstein, Kekule, Wöhler, Mendel, Daimler, and countless other giants of the arts and sciences. After World War I, Germany was made the scapegoat for World War I.

This created the conditions for Hitler's rise to power. Had it not been the case, he would likely have been dismissed as a crackpot, dying in obscurity.

Not quite sure what this has to do with the book under discussion, but then again, I'm still about 60 pages from the end, and the identity of the Mutes has yet to be revealed.
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