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Re: The prefix number

Pavonis wrote: View Post
What's hard for me to understand is your insistence that changing the prefix code must be hard to do.
I'm not insisting that at all. You're only assuming that I am. This is what I said in previous post:

Sran wrote:
My point is that we don't have enough evidence either way, so it's foolish to make an assumption about it as you have done.

Pavonis wrote:
I would appreciate you not taking pot shots at me by asking inane questions about whether I read my posts or not. You're new, so maybe you don't know that making things personal isn't a good idea here. Nothing here is that important to take personally. I didn't insult you, you know.
I wasn't insulting you by asking if you re-read your posts. I was merely asking a question that you assumed was meant as an attack and took offense to. You're correct that I'm new here, but I've already seen several posters (not necessarily you, however) shoot down their own arguments because they clearly didn't read their own posts before continuing to discuss a topic.

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