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Re: The prefix number

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How could telling the ship's captain to change the code not be easy?
Because it might not be. Asking someone to do something is not the same thing as the person in question actually being able to do it. Khan's asking Terrell to change the code doesn't mean that Terrell would have been able to do it. As the movie establishes, Khan was facing a delicate timetable. We have no way of knowing whether Terrell was aboard Reliant long enough before reaching Regula to make the necessary changes or to instruct Khan on how to do so himself.

Pavonis wrote:
Maybe Spock was just considering the worst case scenario, but it must be the within the realm of possibility for Khan to change the code. So how hard could it be?
I'm sure that's exactly what Spock was doing. As a Starfleet officer, it would be part of his job to be prepared for exactly that sort of eventuality. In any case, that doesn't mean that Khan's actually changing the code would be an easy task. There are any number of things that could fall into a "worst cast scenario" dynamic, some of which are relatively easy to bring about, and some of which are much more difficult. My point is that we don't have enough evidence either way, so it's foolish to make an assumption about it as you have done. I'm sorry you don't understand this.

Pavonis wrote:
I think we differ in how much intelligence to ascribe to Khan. You think he's super smart, I think he is well above average, but not smart enough to do simple things like read a manual or ask the Captain and First Officer about security measures. Khan's ego is big; is his brain as big as his ego? I don't think so.
You yourself said that he didn't do those things due to overconfidence, not a lack of intelligence. Do you even read what you post? That Khan didn't take the time to read the Reliant manual doesn't mean that he lacks intelligence or is incapable of understanding a complicated concept. Furthermore, we don't know that he didn't ask Terrell or Chekov about the ship's security measures. That still doesn't mean that actually altering the ship's security measures would be easy do. Why is this so hard for you understand?

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