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Re: dr who season 7 review

Asylum of the Daleks - Best New Who opener
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship - OK
A Town Called Mercy - Pretty good
The Power of Three - OK, terrible RTD-esque celebrity cameos and deus ex machina ending though
The Angels Take Manhattan - Great
The Snowmen - Only truly good Christmas special
The Bells of St. John - Very good
The Rings of Akhaten - Still unsure. It grows on me with every viewing. Starting to REALLY love it.
Cold War - Fucking awesome, second best episode of the series
Hide - Good but messy ending
Journey to the Center of the TARDIS - See above
The Crimson Horror - Very, very awesome
Nightmare in Silver - A childish mess and wasted opportunity but still kinda enjoyable
The Name of The Doctor - One of the best New Who episodes and Moffat's best script since he took over

The most consistently good New Who series.
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