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Re: Warehouse 13 renewed for fifth/final seasonfinal

^^ And "The floor broke my fall."

Yeah, this episode was really good. I like how Myka was playing out all the possible reactions from Pete in her head-- in the end he just hugged her. More and more it seems that, beneath his playful exterior, Pete is one of the most mature characters on television.

And, in true Warehouse 13 fashion, the bad guys are not as bad as they seem. Charlotte just wants an end to lonely immortality for herself and her kid. But Paracelsus, on the other hand, may not have a good side. I suspect not. But it was great to see ASH again-- I wonder if he'll appear in an episode together with James Marsters.

All in all, another great episode. Great character stuff, I loved the pirate's lair and the smoke monster, and Claudia has been bronzed-- and the bronzing machine smashed!
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