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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

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Was in the mood to get some props done before moving on to the Intensive Care Ward Room. So far I've got the large and small versions of the anabolic protoplaser, a few salt shakers....I mean...scalpels....the heartbeat reader, and the hypo. Still gotta model the reader tube, surgical scissors, spray bottle, and a few hand scanners. I just wanted to get these beauty shots before I go to work.

Props (no pun intended) go to GSchnitzer for his articles featured on the Phase II forums.
God, the heartbeat reader...

Great job on these, it looks like you could reach out and pick them up.
Well, yes, the "White Sound Device" (or "Heartbeat Reader" as FJ called it.) But, it seems to be lying around in all kinds of surgical places, so it must have some function we don't really understand. ("Quickly! We need to mask the sound of this patient's heart during the operation!").

“Space Seed:”

…and a bit later in the episode:


“Mirror, Mirror:”

“The Deadly Years:”

“Journey to Babel:”

“Day of the Dove:”

“Elaan of Troyius:”

“The Enterprise Incident:”

“Spock’s Brain:”

The Making of Star Trek
A Third Season publicity photo:

(It’s a little hard to see hiding behind the scalpels and medical scanner.)

More here:
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