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Re: TNG re-released on DVD

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I wonder how many more people out there are like that, that they honestly don't know BluRay players can play DVDs too?
I think a lot of it is more "don't care" as with a lot of tech, it isn't like they are exactly shy about it when advertising BD...

...which they really no longer do! Sadly, given how nice and shiny the picture and sound are, BD, at least here in the UK, has gone as far as it is going to go, and the ill-advised 3D format as well as grossly over-priced has been a bit of a failure. The rise of streaming services and popularity of subscription TV has hit disc sales hard, with 3 a perfectly sensible target price for any film over a year after release on DVD.

I'd say a serious risk now is not so much that the DS9 and VGR remasters won't happen, but at least VGR will probably miss the boat for BD altogether, and we will see it only on download services.

If it also leads to the death of 3D however, I couldn't be happier, it sucks balls.
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