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Re: dr who season 7 review

1-Asylum of the Daleks- 8.5 - Best Dalek episode since Dalek
2-Dinosaurs on a Spaceship- 10 - Extremely fun episode
3-A Town Called Mercy- 9.5 - I'm probably overrating this but I really really love westerns
4-The Power of Three- 7.5 - Enjoyable episode with a weak ending
5-The Angels Take Manhattan- 10 - Fantastic
6-The Snowmen-8
7-The Bells of Saint John- 8.5 - A great way to open 7B
8-The Rings of Akhaten- 2 - Terrible, just terrible
9-Cold War- 5 Boring
10-Hide- 7 - Took a while to get going but I really liked the second half
11-Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS- 7 -
12-The Crimson Horror- 9 - Gatiss finally delivers
13-Nightmare in Silver- 7 - Not great but I liked it more then others
14-The Name of the Doctor- 10 - Fantastic finale that really got me exited for the 50th

Overall a pretty great season with 7a being better then 7b. I have to admit that The Rings of Akhaten/Cold War killed my enthusiasm for awhile and I actually didn't see the rest of the season until after it had finished airing.
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