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Re: Falling Skies - season 3

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That sounds very vindictive. I seriously don't think that is Volm policy. The narrative does not match. Cochise strikes me as more of a Civil Affairs army officer who is on liaison duty with the natives which is us.
Vindictive or zealous?

Cochise's great grandparents were born on his ship and were fighting the Aspheni because of a failed invasion hundreds of years ago and his great children he suspects might be still fighting the same war on the same ships, probably in the same body armour with literally the same weapons.

This was said on the show.

Either they're still looking for clues to find the Aspheni central command, or the Aspheni homeworld to effect a surrender after HUNDREDS of years, or surrender is not good enough and they have already set the Ashpeni home world on fire.

There are two political models in play called Victory conditions and failure conditions. At some point the Volm are going to achieve criteria for one of those conditions and go home, or be dead. After hundreds of years chasing and killing the same enemy, then their children, then their children, then their children... Genocide seems to be the only victory condition the Volm are interested in, if murdering the great great great grand children of an asshole who done you wrong is the only release you have from your personal demons, then you're a little unsettled.

I said earlier that the US and many other countries probably tried and failed to surrender because the Aspenni just kept taking children and levelling cities while ignoring plea's for mercy. If the Volm are unstoppable, how come the Aspheni haven't successfully surrendered? Maybe they haven't tried, or maybe the Volm's answer to Asphenni surrender is "Suck it."

Which makes you wonder if right now that Asphenni surrender is on the table and everything on Earth would be cleared up in a couple hours if the Volm would accpet the "terms" of the Aspheni's surrender which in the least probably insists that they are not all executed for the war crimes of their great grand parents.

In world war two Hitler killed himself (supposedly) as Russian and Allied Troops sandwiched his bunker and a surrender was put into effect by his seconds in seconds. Sure the country was carved up for a few decades but it's not like immediately the German people were disposed of, even though their taxes had already paid for the construction of just the devices to accomplish such a feat and it was really a waste for Stalin not to use these shiny new toys... The point is that the Germans, 40 million of them, were not exterminated lock stock and barrel the second they surrendered becuase some of them thought Hitler had a few good ideas once upon a time.

Go back a couple thousand years, Carthage got two strikes, where there was just a little slap on the wrist for failed war against Rome, but after the third Punic War, Rome said FUCK THIS! Executed every male Carthaginian, including children, took the woman as slaves, levelled their cites and then salted the Earth so that nothing could grow where Carthage had been.

How long is America going to stay in the middle east even when the reason they went there, 911 and wmds, were out right lies from a liars, and Iraq has sold it's oil leases to China who undercut the insulting US bid.

10 years?

100 years?

1000 years?

Seriously, this is how the USSR lost the cold war. Overspending on useless shit until their economy collapsed.

Of course...

The Aspeni could be incredibly long lived.

These could be the same bastards who sacked the Volm Homeworld.

In which case, never mind.
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