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Re: Pre-Destiny Reading Order question.....

Thanks to all for the input. I am aware of the Storyline of Destiny in only the broadest of strokes. I have spent the last 20 months or so catching up on my 15-year backlog of Trek Novels that have just been there all this time, waiting to be read. I've been through most of the DS9 re-launch books and the A Time to series, as well as the TNG Borg and Q run up books. I am now stepping back a bit, taking in Book 3 of the Terok Nor trilogy, as I gleaned that it would be more enjoyable to finish that story off before Fearful Symmetry, then to finish Symmetry and Soul Key, ENT's Good That Men Do and Kobayashi Maru, A quick side trip to the 3rd Mirror Universe anthology, then on the Destiny!
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