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Re: Where are the toys?

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The Klingon D-7 (although it briefly appeared in Star Trek XI as a Klingon warbird in the Kobayashi Maru simulation).
And a Gorn.

I think they're really focusing (understandably) on stuff from Star Trek XII right now.
As you said, the Klingon ship is from Trek XI but that Gorn is modeled after the one in the video game tying into the Abrams films. It's certainly not the original or the one from ENT.
In hindsight, it does make sense to concentrate initially on things from the most recent Trek productions, but there are images of future Kre-O figures from Wave 2 based on the original timeline.

An Andorian (Shran from ENT?) and a Ferengi (Quark).

Worf and General Chang

Classic Kirk and Spock from "Amok Time."

Presumably these will be out around Fall 2013 with Wave 3 to come later.
Personally I hope Hasbro stays away from Trek (TOS or otherwise) until they've gotten Star Wars back on track. They seem to have lost their way with that property and that's pretty sad.
There were distribution problems with the last several waves, resulting in some figures being extremely hard to find and some waves being skipped at retail because stores were still stuck with previous ones. I do recall a representative from Hasbro addressing this in a Q&A session at one site and promising that the problem will be fixed.
Kevman7987 wrote:
I think the big issue there was that they stretched themselves too thin between all of the lines they had going; Plus they were too Clone Wars happy.

Now that they are scaling back on the extraneous Clone Wars lines and there will be new films coming everything should figure itself out in the next few years (though I may be wrong; this 6 inch black series may explode in their face).
IIRC, the Clone Wars line--based on the animated series--is over and done. I think their strategy with the 6-inch Black Series will be to have them in limited numbers (at least in fewer numbers to the 3.75-inch figures). Kind of like how they're doing with their Marvel superheroes line, IMO.
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