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Re: Was it really Janeways fault they got stuck there?

The displacement wave was part of the super tractor beam which Tuvok found the controls to on the array and figured out how to work it in a matter of seconds. The displacement wave was probably a secondary effect or a scanning system so that Caretaker knew what he was grabbing, since Voyager was dragged to the DQ trillions and trillions of times faster than the wave was moving which Voyager's crew could see with their naked eye.

If the super tractor beam was not on the Array, then either either our heroes are morons or they would have gone home.

Besides the "displacement wave/super" tractor beam was discriminate becuase when it took Chakotay, it didn't take the Cardassians who were right beside the Val Jean when the Cardassian's were nabbed.
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