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Re: Why did they bother...

Its cool seing Kirk and crew again onscreen. He's the character w/ spock and McCoy that made STAR TREK. So, to me it cool, plus it allows the younger kids to get into it with younger actors. It may be hard to relate to the older original crew in those films.

I love the original TOS, but the safest bet was to go with a recast of the original crew. As long as its a good story and well made, then either a new crew or re cast would've been fine with me. But to really make it STAR TREK at its core those characters are the iconic crew most people reference.

So any new good Star Trek is cool with me. I doubt that another Next Geraration or "Typhon Pact" type film would have done nearly as well. And a whole new crew in that TNG / ds9 (Stardate 50000.0 or something era; the one which started on screen around 41292.2ish in TNG season 1. We saw 15 years brought us to the time of the TNG movies and Deep Space Nines/ VGR's end. That timeling now continues ten plus years in the books i understand. See how confusing it is to explaion where we are to the general audience? )

I think putting the original crew in space with new missions is a cool idea.
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