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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire - Love and Hate

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Why do you think he's [Stannis] the best candidate for king?
Much of Stannis' story is told through the POV of Davos. Despite having been imprisoned and having his fingers cut off for being a smuggler, he still reveres the man due to his supposed extreme fairness and the ability to make measured decisions without being colored by emotion or bias. It is these qualities (in Davos' opinion) that makes Stannis the ideal king - the ultimate Solomon-esque benevolent ruler who governs with equal order and regularity.

Comparing Stannis to the kings we have seen, such as Robert and Joffrey (and to some extent, Robb, the "King in the North", who threw his entire campaign away by marrying Jeyne Westerling and not one of the Frey girls), he may have a point.

This is, BTW, the Stannis in the books. The Stannis in the show seems a little more driven by ego, which would normally be his downfall in traditional story-telling.
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