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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

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No words. I was blown away!
Same here. Don is basically outing himself in unexpected places. First at a client's meeting and then it looks like he's going to do the same with his kids. I even got the feeling he's was going to tell Megan before she flew out the door.
Meagan already knows about "Dick Whitman".
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I don't get the man.
I'm not surprised. Don is a very complex character but you seem to see only the surfacy, obviously assholish and contradictory stuff that Don does. Weiner has, over the last 6 seasons, shown us what, and from where Don came, and why he is who he is. There is much more to the character than the things you choose to focus on.

I get the impression he is your favorite character but you are missing several dimensions of the character that might help you get a clearer picture of who he is and might make him even more interesting (or enjoyable -- assuming you want to enjoy the character).

BTW, Peggy bears at least some of the responsibility for being "led on" by Ted. Part of her wanted to be led on. She knew at all times that Ted was married. Not absolving Ted for his deceit and weakness, but Peggy brought it ob herself.
Was that a subpoena for her and Don to testify at a divorce hearing for Sylvia and Arthur? My sound was having trouble at the very beginning.
The burglar was apparently caught and the D.A.'s office wants Sally to testify or at least wants her statement.
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It actually didn't end as bleak as I thought it might. The ties of family have been strong this season, and they appear to be revealing some redemptive power. It was family bonds, apparently, that got Duck back on the rails. It was family bonds that got Don to loosen up and sing a song in public with his son and ex-wife. It was family bonds -- his own and Ted's -- that made Don realize he couldn't go to California. The appeal of Stan's California pitch to Don's instincts of moving and re-inventing was so strong that he ripped it off almost word for word. For all the hurt it's caused Megan, it was still a more mature Don that ultimately rejected it. Rachel chucked Don because she couldn't respect herself being with a man who would desert his family. Megan may come to see it that way, or maybe not. But Don starting over and reinventing himself for the right reasons, that's got some real positive potential.
I found the end, when Don physically took his kids to the house, then standing in the street out in front and telling them that this is where he grew up, quite moving. They made a point of letting us here Bobby say that "this is a bad neighborhood". So the kids knew where they were. For Don Draper, this was beyond huge, in fact I'de say it was the most biggest and most positive step we've seen Don make toward understanding himself and allowing those whom he loves most to actually enter his life.

It made me nuts with curiosity about where and how this most damaged character would end up.

I agree with the poster who said that a physical suicide for Don is almost surely not going to happen. This show is too good for that.
I felt like I missed something: How did the California job go from "one man and a desk" to a two-partner operation?
I wondered about this too, especially since they made such a point of telling us (several times) that it was a one man operation.

Most interesting episode. Can't wait for net season.
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