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Uh, sorry, no. You can watch a Blu-ray disc on a standard definition TV right now. No problem. Blu-ray players have a legacy standard definition output on them for backwards compatibility sake, it will downscale the 1080p to 480i no problem, scaling from a higher quality source down is a trivial matter. Sure you won't get much picture quality benefit from it, but it works fine.
I didn't say you couldn't. I said you won't get the extra definition from it, and you'll probably even get a worse definition than what you'd get from DVD, in the case of BluRay.
It won't be any worse, it will just play at the TV's definition. My parents have a bluray player connected to an almost twenty year-old CRT (4:3 too) and they play just fine. If anything the bluray still tends to look better. Using TNG as an example, you have the much (MUCH) improved colors still, and the higher-quality compositing. That all still shows up in SD.
Yep. Starting with a higher quality source is always a good thing.

For example: one of the easiest forms of anti-aliasing for 3D gaming is to render at a higher resolution in an off screen buffer and then output the results at the targeted lower resolution, it creates more data points to then be downsampled into a nicer looking output than compared to the same information rendered natively at that lower resolution. This is a basic rule of digital image data, still or moving images.
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