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Re: Scotty and his military comment

Crazy Eddie wrote: View Post
You're claim is that the MACOs are exclusively infantry? Based on what?
You're right, I don't know that. But since we've only seen them as enforcers on ENT, we can't draw much conclusion from that, can we ? As I said, we never see them again, so they don't show up for the Dominion war, for instance.

And they always did, even when they were EXPLICITLY a nonmilitary organization.
I'll let you try to reconcile that, Eddie. They fight all of the Federation's battles in space but they are not military. Sure.

Or Colonel West was the liason officer o the MACOs, which would have interesting implications for what he means when he says "We can go in and rescue the hostages and get out within 24 hours."
It's a possibility, yes. However, I remind you no one was at that meeting but Starfleet officers. And the Romulan ambassador, for some reason. So what does that "we" stand for, then ?

Did you just try to argue that Starfleet didn't participate in all Trek battles because a group of civilians took up arms against an alien invader ?
Sorry but that's silly. So in order for Starfleet to participate in every engagement in Trek history, no single civilian must ever pick up a weapon ? This is an extremely weak argument.

I see no major difference between ENT's Starfleet and that of other shows.
Neither do I.
Well, that's that, then.
And that's my opinion.
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