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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Actually it's YOUR burden of proof to show that the Military Assault Command Organization was disbanded prior to the 23rd century.
Did you miss the part where I said we were talking about a military organisation, not specifically infantry ?
You're claim is that the MACOs are exclusively infantry? Based on what?

The only thing we can say about MACOs is that we have not seen them outside of ENT. It doesn't change anything about the fact that Starfleet participates in all Federation armed confrontations in the history of Star Trek.
And they always did, even when they were EXPLICITLY a nonmilitary organization.

So we have it established in Enterprise that a starship can be sent to take on an entire alien fleet and shoot down their superweapon without itself BEING a military vessel. Why would it be any different a century later?

And as far as ground troops go, you might remember Colonel West, from TUC, who was a member of starfleet with an infantry rank. So maybe the MACO were integrated into Starfleet at some point.
Or Colonel West was the liason officer o the MACOs, which would have interesting implications for what he means when he says "We can go in and rescue the hostages and get out within 24 hours."

Did you just try to argue that Starfleet didn't participate in all Trek battles because a group of civilians took up arms against an alien invader ?

Because Delta Rana IV had no STARFLEET presence. The Civilians did it themselves.

We'd like to think that's a pretty rare occurrence, but we know that colonies and installations get attacked sometimes, we know that civil wars happen, we know that various aliens come out of the woodworks looking for trouble. Not every space station or colony has a Starfleet presence; indeed, it seems to me not even MOST. So who exactly is defending those colonies when Starfleet isn't around?

Or to put that another way: What role, if any, did Starfleet have in the fall of Turkana IV?

I see no major difference between ENT's Starfleet and that of other shows.
Neither do I.

Which is why I wasn't surprised in "Home" when Captain Hernandez tells Archer "I'm not sure how I would feel about a military officer on the bridge."
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