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Re: Falling Skies - season 3

I loved Cochise reaction to the beach plane. Quite realistic. "You expect me to fly in this thing?"

How long will Moon Bloodstone be out? I wonder if they filmed bits and pieces for the next few episodes, just enough to keep that plot line going. Will the people in Charleston believe the President's (er, Professor's) wife has been abducted? Again we see the border of Charleston isn't quite secure since a mother and her baby can walk past unnoticed. Once again Hal is also able to slip through the lines. His wanderings might be acceptable though, since he is a solder. Much harder to explain why Anne would take the baby into enemy held territory.

Speaking of land area... Earth is 92.5 million square miles of land. How many alien invaders would be necessary to control and occupy the Earth? Now, granted, a lot of that land is rugged or desert and therefore not worth occupying, but there should still be sufficient land available for resistance to hide out in and life to go on unnoticed by the alien invaders. It took the US almost 10 years to find Bin Laden and he was hiding out in a relatively small region of the planet.

It would be interesting to see stories from other resistance groups around the globe.

Back to Charleston and the sudden assaults. Is Lourdes dead? Is Dr. Kadar dead? Will these assaults be linked to Anne? How long before anyone finds Dr. Kadar?
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